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Margerum Wine Company

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Margerum Wine Company
March 31, 2023 | Margerum Wine Company

"I first left Europe aged 30 — here’s where I booked my big trip"- The Times

Next up is Santa Barbara, which for all its glamorously skinny, tufty-headed palms — the supermodels of trees — has the slightly melancholy air of an out-of-season British seaside resort. The melancholy is dissipated by a wine-tasting at the Margerum Wine Company. I have always enjoyed wine tastings because my very limited knowledge and understanding of matters oenological means I am unable to distinguish between good wine and bad wine. To me it’s all good. There’s never that disappointing moment that proper wine people must get where they sniff a brimming glass and are completely crushed to discover notes of fresh apple instead of astringent summer meadows or whatever. A couple of upscale American gentlemen pour us glass after glass and purringly hymn the virtues of the Californian climate and the excellence of its vineyards. There’s a charcuterie board. There’s a “herbally enhanced digestif”. There’s ice cream which tastes of “herbally enhanced digestif”. I get carried away and start telling people I’m getting notes of blackcurrant from everything. It’s marvellous.  Continue »

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Margerum Wine Company
March 20, 2023 | Margerum Wine Company

Taste of Santa Barbara Wines

Join us for the annual Taste of Santa Barbara Wines at El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park! Come explore, connect, and learn what makes Santa Barbara County’s wine scene unique.  Continue »

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