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A perfect Santa Barbara Perfect Manhattan

A perfect Santa Barbara Perfect Manhattan
Recipe Date:
March 6, 2024
Cook Time:
Imperial (US)
The perfect Santa Barbara Perfect Manhattan made with Margerum Amaro 15 instead of red vermouth, offers a twist on the classic cocktail by introducing a bittersweet complexity that complements the whiskey.
  • 2 ozs Santa Barbara’s Cutler’s Stagecoach Whiskey
  • 1 oz Santa Barbara’s Margerum Amaro 15
  • 1 oz Santa Barbara’s T.W. Hollister & Co. Oso De Oro Dry Vermouth
  • 1 Maraschino cherry or a twist of lemon peel
  1. If you want it up, chill the glass by filling it with ice and soda water and setting it aside while you prepare the drink.
  2. In a mixing glass filled with ice, pour the Cutler’s Stagecoach Whiskey, Margerum Amaro 15, and T.W. Hollister & Co. Oso de Oro Dry Vermouth. The Amaro replaces the red vermouth typically used in a Manhattan, adding a unique blend of herbs, caramel, and citrus notes that enrich the cocktail’s flavor profile.
  3. Stir, Don’t Shake: Stir the mixture gently for about 30 seconds. Stirring is preferred over shaking for this cocktail to maintain its clarity and texture. Shaking can introduce air bubbles and cloud the drink.
  4. Prepare the Garnish: If using a maraschino cherry, ensure it’s of high quality for the best flavor. Alternatively, a twist of lemon peel can add a bright, citrus aroma that complements the Amaro’s complex flavors. To prepare the lemon twist, use a peeler or a knife to cut a thin strip of the peel, taking care to minimize the white pith.
  5. Serve: Empty the cocktail glass of its chilling ice and soda water. Strain the stirred cocktail into the glass, ensuring a smooth pour without ice chips. Garnish with the cherry or drape the twist over the rim, giving it a twist to release its oils before dropping it into the drink. Or, pour into a tumbler filled with ice for on the rocks.

The result is a perfect Santa Barbara Perfect Manhattan with Margerum Amaro 15 - a sophisticated, slightly bitter, and complex variation of the classic. The Margerum Amaro 15 brings a delightful herbal quality that meshes wonderfully with the whiskey’s warmth, while the bitters and garnish tie all the flavors together. This cocktail is perfect for sipping slowly and savoring the intricate layers of taste.