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Margerum Wine Company

Olive Oil - 375ml

The varietals chosen were the three most popular for Italian olive oil: Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino, in a ratio of 50%, 35%,and 15%. Frantoio is a fruity classic Tuscan variety that produces a flavorful, sharp oil. It is self-pollinating. Leccino produces a rich, buttery oil. It requires a pollinator, in our case Pendolino. The oils pressed from these olives are blended, as is a common practice in Italy.

The trees were planted in 2003.

Olive oil is a natural complement to the Mediterranean cuisine we favor with Margerum wines.  Olive oil is the oil of choice for both cooking and dipping. And in addition to a beautiful taste, both wine and olive oil have health benefits. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration recently confirmed that olive oil can be advertised as good for reducing the risk of coronary disease, citing the value of it being a mono-unsaturated fat.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from our own Estate Vineyard in Los Olivos.

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