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Margerum Wine Company

No. 24 – Fireplace Wines

These three bottles represent perfect Winter fireplace and sweater wines.  Amaro, which translates in Italian as bitter, is a fortified wine-based digestif.  Made with forty different types of botanicals, herbs, spices and dried fruits, this Amaro is an excellent way to finish off any meal while savoring the evening’s warmth.  Mute-Age, our Grenache-based dessert wine, adds another delicious elixir to your cellar and also provides a lovely capper to the evening – especially perfect with bittersweet chocolate.  All three wines are shelf-stable lasting forever after opening.  To order individually, please select the bottle(s) you want.  For all three, please select Add to Cart.


One Bottle – Margerum Amaro 12 Year Solera, 375ml, $28

One Bottle – Margerum Amaro 12 Year Solera, 750ml, $50

One Bottle – Margerum Mute-Age Grenache Dessert Wine, Vin doux Naturel, 750ml, $48

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