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Margerum Wine Company

2022 Margerum Sybarite Sauvignon Blanc Can

The word SYBARITE is derived from Sybaris, an ancient Greek city in southeastern Italy noted for the luxurious, pleasure seeking behavior of many of its inhabitants. SYBARITES are people who have a fondness for sensuous luxury. This wine is perfect to serve as an aperitif.  We like it with shellfish and salads, of course it works well with a selection of your favorite cheeses.  Also good at the end of a meal as a refreshing alternative to sweet wines.

  • Almost clear with green hinged hues and splashes of gold.
  • Stone fruit, granite, white flower blossoms, toast, creamy lemon and some plantain, layered with a slight hint of gunflint and fruity Sauvignon.  
  • Mainly stainless steel fermented with a small about of barrel fermented lots blended in Bâtonnage (stirring of the lees) leads to savory notes.  Lees add to mouthwatering sensation
  • Rich, tight, lean and full with layers of slate, lime, green melon tropical and lemongrass. 
  • Retained CO2 keeps the wine fresh after opening and allows for a lower sulfite addition
  • Grapes picked early for acidity, later for ripeness. Blend for balance
#3 on Nine of the Best Sauvignon Blancs We Drank in 2019 from Wine Enthusiast
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