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Margerum Wine Company

2020 Barden Blanc de Blancs
Sta. Rita Hills

After three years of time, investment and significant nurturing, we released our first Sparkling Blanc de Blancs made from 100% Chardonnay, from the Sta. Rita Hills, in the time honored tradtion of Méthode Champensoise.

As many of you know, the Sta. Rita Hills appellation in Santa Barbara County is the preeminent region to grow Chardonnay in California.  Our refrigerated-sunglight climate grows ripe fruit while maintaining astonishing acidities.  It is this acid that also allows for incredible Sparkling Wine so much so that we think the SRH will become the definitive place to produce the best Sparkling Wines in California.

Years in the making with ages ahead of it, this Sparkling wine presents a small bead, creamy mousse, soft tight knit bubbles, aromas of lemon curd, white cherries and brioche wrapped in a savoury mouthfeel that is persistent and very fine.  We recommend it be savored for celebrations and success.

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